Advanced Aerial Services

Surveying & Mapping

Data delivered faster, safer and cost-effectively.

Advanced Aerial

Drone Surveying 

Surveyors have tight deadlines for projects and part of meeting the deadline is accurate, fast and cost-effective data. Drone Surveying offers the three fundamental aspects of a surveyors needs to assist in meeting the deadline with clear data outcomes.

How Drones impact the surveying industry

Drones have revolutionized the industry and aerial photogrammetry is just another way the industry benefits from the Drone Sector.

High-resolution data designed for accurate volumetric calculations and engineering plans given to you with a confidence level of up to 30mm root mean square. Achieve the confidence in data of up to 95%.

Short term applications

  • Aerial photographs & Orthomosiacs
  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Rehabilitation area mapping
  • Pit and dump management
  • Road Construction & Bridge Maintenance
  • Project Inspection & Track compliance according to site requirements
  • Oversee and control on-site activity and monitor progress
  • Terrain modelling

Long term applications

  • Township Establishment & Infrastructure Mapping
  • Monitor surface stability
  • Mapping of steep inaccessible inclines
  • Creation of location and inventory plans

DO Operations

How Accurate is Photogrammetry?

While LIDAR (laser-measuring) has always been the favoured approach for high-accuracy projects, survey managers generally end up filtering most of the data out of their point clouds.

Photogrammetry is the cost-effective alternative, and when paired with drone technology, which is able to capture images from 400ft in the air, provides a high-level overall view of any project with data accuracy that is very comparable with other survey methods.