Advanced Aerial Services

Powerline Inspection

Using zoom, thermal and video capable drones, we are able to accurately inspect your critical infrastructure and sites from an unseen vantage point and provide real time information.

DO Solutions

Detailed Inspection

Acquire standardized inspection data from automated drone inspections that identify defects accurately.

How drones conduct detailed inspections

Automated flight routes can be set up to inspect high-rising assets, creating detailed 3D point clouds without risking the safety of human operators.

Drones are easy to operate, enabling inspection teams to get high-quality data with basic training, while standardizing data output and streamlining processes.

Inspection processes are closed-loop, ensuring data integrity.

DO Solutions

Thermal Inspection

Gain real-time temperature readings of assets using drones equipped with radiometric thermal sensors to immediately identify abnormalities.

How Drones Conduct Thermal Inspections

Drones can capture the asset from multiple angles, and are easy to operate so that crucial details are not missed.

Drones are easy to operate, taking off in minutes and are not limited to strict set-up requirements, enabling timely responses.

Teams can get visual and real-time temperature readings on all parts of the assets to quickly identify issues and address them.

DO Solutions

Nighttime Inspection

Conduct inspections in lowlight conditions or at night using a drone equipped with a spotlight.

How Drones Conduct Nighttime Inspections

Drones equipped with spotlights and thermal sensors can identify risks even in lowlight conditions or at night.