Drone Inspection Services

Reducing Risks with Drone Technologies 

Safe inspections from a distance

Using zoom, thermal and video capable drones, we are able to accurately inspect your critical infrastructure and sites from an unseen vantage point and provide real time information.

Where Safety Comes First

Using zoom, thermal and video to accuratley inspect critical infustructure and sites from above

Real Time Information.

Real Time information placing safety at the forefront of every inspection

Simply Better
Faster diagnostics and cost effective. No need for scaffolding. 
Increased Accessibility.
Operate hot, height and during production cycles using drone access

Our Approach

Multi-Rotor Specialist
RGB · Thermal · Multispectral 
CAA Approved · Fully Trained & Certified
Video · 3D Model · CAD



Routine Asset Inspection

Condition Surveys

Evaluate damage and fatigue

Plan & schedule maintenance work


High Wall Inspections

Pit Inspections

Hot spot Detection


Other Uses:

  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Oil & gas pipeline inspections
  • Power line/cable inspections
  • Rail road and line inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Aircraft lightning damage inspection
  • Cooling tower inspections
  • Confined space inspections

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