Advanced Aerial Services

Blast Monitoring

Safely planning, optimisation and execution of blasts.

Advanced Aerial

Blast Procedures

We work with your teams on site to ensure that safety perimeters are set, pre-inspection, blast and post-inspections are done with the safety, precision and accuracy required for each and every blast.

Ensure that your personnel and equipment are out of the blast zone. Dedicated to a safer blast.

How We Improve Safety

  • Inspect the blast radius prior to blasting with a live video feed from a high vantage point to on-site screens.
  • Timeous clearance of the blast area.
  • Detection of detonators that have not fired before entering the zone.
  • Guarantee that no one is left in the blast area.

How We Improve Reliability 

  • Fully compliant Drone Crew present on site.
  • Full Mine Spec equipped vehicle and display screen for monitoring.
  • Range of aircraft to meet your requirements.
  • Standby Crew for quick reaction time to blast call outs.

How We Improve Accuracy

  • Blast design, firing sequences, timing and charge distribution all from aerial footage.
  • Live video feed from above.
  • Detection of detonators.
  • Identification of hot holes.